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The export of adult products overseas is expected to reach 619.8 billion yuan in 2026!

In China, 70% of adult products are exported to overseas markets. Although domestic brands of se-x products have gradually come into sight in the past two years, foreign markets still account for the majority.

According to the data of Hugo Cross border Category Sailing Guide, it is estimated that the global adult se-x toy market will reach 619.8 billion yuan in 2026.


So, where did the exported adult se-x toys go?

The survey results show that Ireland is the second largest se-x obsessed country in the world, second only to the UK. In the UK, 3422 people search for se-x toys for every 100000 people, while in Ireland, the number is 2002.

However, it should be noted that adult se-x appeal products and "porn" cannot be confused, or from the perspective of overseas users' search needs, they are completely different.

But purely from the perspective of "porn" related searches, the United States ranked first, with 68 million monthly searches; The UK ranked second, with 16.6 million monthly searches; Canada ranked third with 9.14 million monthly searches.

However, in Japan, where the "porn" industry is developed in our impression, the relevant search will decline significantly in 2021, 1/3 less than that in previous years, while Brazil will increase by 49%.

Therefore, no matter what data point of view, the European and American adult se-x toy market is still the most important area to pay attention to.

Moreover, the survey data also shows that adult se-x toys will have different preferences based on different markets, especially related to "se.x".

According to the global index survey, the most common hot search posture is dog style, followed by up and down style. Based on this preference, each market has different demands for adult se-x toys. For example, the most common search is fake penis, accounting for 72%, followed by airplane cup, accounting for 20.8%.

The number of manufacturers of adult se-x products is the largest in Guangdong, accounting for 34.7% of the total nationwide, followed by Henan and Jiangsu.

At this stage, although there is a complete industry chain of adult products in China, OEM mode and ODM mode are still the main modes. Foreign trade orders are important sales channels for adult product manufacturers.

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